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 ((Member lists)) of Hells Angels and Unforgiven M.C

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PostSubject: ((Member lists)) of Hells Angels and Unforgiven M.C   Mon Jan 18, 2010 10:41 pm

Hells Angels Member List

The King -rank4-
- Sam "Krazie" Miller |level15| official

Horsemen (of the Apocalypse) -rank3-

Demons -rank2-
- Cliff Johnson |level 10| official
- Nick Silvera |level 10| official
- Jack "Jackal" Sully |level 3| official
- Jack Mihoff |level 2|
- David "Streak" McQueen |level 4| official
- Josh Breku |level 3|
- Azell Gonzales |level 7?|
- Francis "Doom" Magalona |level 7?|

Riders -rank1-

Acquaintances -rank0-
- Stef_Ryan
- Anthony Ryan
- Gary Azuri
- Sanjeeva_Sanderaja
- Pedro Stendecco
- Liliana Sciarra
- Lily Jordan
- Tremaine Aldon
- Cali Greene
- Jesse Rivera
- Steven Rivera
- Drake Darcy

Unforgiven M.C

M.C. President:
John "Johnnie"Dogma(level 13)-ACTIVE - TREASURER,MEDIC,MECHANIC
Charles"Bucky"Buckman(level 11)-ACTIVE - PROTECTOR,TRAINER

M.C Vice President:
Tyler "Hob" Hobenger(level Cool-ACTIVE

Sergeant at Arms:
Joe "Crane" Crane(level 9)-ACTIVE

Road Captain:
Manuel "Manny" Vasquez(level 5)-ACTIVE - SECRETARY,MECHANIC
Harry"Potter" Thompson(level 10)-ACTIVE
Michael "Mike" Peterson(level 6)-ACTIVE - TRAINER

Shady "Shade" Darcy(level 6)-ACTIVE
Johnny "Fox" Fox(level 5)-ACTIVE?
Ryan"Ry" Cadmen(level 5)-ACTIVE?

Ariel "Rob" Rivera(level 10)-ACTIVE - GUN COLLECTOR

Total Active members: 9(+2 ?)

Lead Members:
[Lead members take care of the club and participate to table meetings, they are chosen wisely by John himself]
[The maximum number of lead members is 7]

John Dogma[President]
Charles Buckman [President]
Alex Greene [Vice President]
Tyler Hobenger [Vice President]
Joe Crane [Sergeant at Arms]
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((Member lists)) of Hells Angels and Unforgiven M.C
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