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 Hells Angels And Unforgivens IC and OOC rules

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PostSubject: Hells Angels And Unforgivens IC and OOC rules   Mon Jan 18, 2010 10:45 pm

Hells Angels MC Laws
IC Rules
1. Never put The King and the Club in danger.
2. Never speak of other club members in public unless it is rightful to do so.
3. Always put the Club first at all times.
4. Never put the Club at risk by starting your own troulble.
5. Never ride alone. If you really have to, stay armed.
6. Respect your brothers.
7. Trust your leaders.
8. Do not mess the Club's diplomacy by doing "business" on your own.
9. Always protect the Club, and everything that goes with it.
10. Try to follow the laws of Unforgiven MC
11. When Unforgiven call, we must answer. They will do the same to us, for we are brothers.
12. Never go down

OOC Rules.
1. Always follow the server rules!
2. You MUST roleplay as a bikie.
3. When RP-ing as a Hells Angel you must follow the Hells Angels Laws stated above.
4. RP awesomely.

Unforgiven M.C laws
Respect ALL the server rules.
Always keep the RP to the max, try not to /b AT ALL!
NEVER ask for promotions, it will lower your chance of getting one.
Use the skin you are supposed to use.

The President always rides first in the formation.
Never disrespect any of the members.
Do not fight the members unless they agree with a fight.
Never disrespect someone that DIDN'T disrespect you.
Try not to attract any attention from the police, keep a low profile.
Always listen to a higher ranks command.The President or
Vice-President ALWAYS has the last word.
Don't give out information about the club or the club members to strangers.
Don't go around doing stupid shit, THINK your every move.
If someone disrespects you don't jump straight to weapons, kick their asses is as good.

Clubhouse/HQ Rules:
The guns are for emergencies, don't use them unless a President or Vice President tells you to.
Always clean up after your mess.
The safe can only be accessed by v.Presidents and Presidents.
Never steal anything from the clubhouse, it belongs to everyone but it stays where it is.
[Breaking ANY of this rules can get you demoted or KICKED.]


You are NOT forced to always stay with the members, you can ride alone but if there's a meeting going on, YOU MUST SHOW UP.
Always wear your vest with pride.
If your riding alone, try not to get into trouble and such, keep a very low profile.
We're bikers, not killers, so don't go shootin' everyone that disrespects you, an ass-kickin' is just fine.
[Always live by these pointers]
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Hells Angels And Unforgivens IC and OOC rules
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