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 Hells Angels and Unforgivens Mods

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PostSubject: Hells Angels and Unforgivens Mods   Mon Jan 18, 2010 10:54 pm

[quote]Hells Angels Mod Pack

Well I'd really want a MOD pack for the Hells Angels MC. Just a logo at the back of the skin would be good enough, but yeah if you wana do one, then go for your life. (The logo is the logo at the top of this post.) Thanks!!
But for now here is a MOD pack that we can use. I haven't tried it yet (cos I have no idea how) but yeah, try it out?
Originally Posted by djdiop View Post

Retex By. Korea Thegodfather RP - Kimfine1203(Rashad Evans)
OK Unforgiven said that using this MOD is not a 100% good idea. So use it at your own risk XD

Unforgiven M.C Mod Pack

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Hells Angels and Unforgivens Mods
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